( compressor repairs and similar)

The purpose of this program refers to larger apliances such as especially air compressors, pressure pumps and air turbines.

 We shall further use the word “compressor” for all these cases as it is the most common case when repairs are required.

Once the problem is determined that the “compressor “ is defective, the customer has the following options:


Customer orders UGS serviceman to provide for the repair on site. Such a repair might be replacement of vanes,

 replacement of bearings, repair of shaft, of motor, and other. It is identified only after the compressor is pulled out

and opened by our technician. Sometimes the repair requires the machine tools so the compressor has to be taken

back to our shop repaired and returned and reinstalled.

Billing:            Regular per prevailing hourly service rates.

Advantage     Occasionally it can be the least expensive way, but in most cases it is the opposite.

Disadvantage:  Your press is down all the time of the repair.


If the customer asks for the exchange program we are providing two types: Either a loaner or a true exchange.

a/ LOANER With this program our serviceman brings a functioning compressor to the customer’s shop.

He removes the defective compressor, installs the loaner, brings the defective compressor back to the UGS shop.

The compressor is repaired, necessary parts replaced, it is tested and then brought back to customer’s shop.

It is reinstalled while the “loaner” compressor is returned back to UGS. There is no warranty for the loaner

but there is extra charge if the loaner is damaged during the rental time. There is a 90 day warranty on particular

 repair to the original compressor done in UGS shop.

Time allowed:     Customer MUST allow UGS to come back with repaired compressor within max 30 days.

                           Otherwise the cost of new compressor is fully billed to the customer and he keeps the compressor delivered as a loaner.

Warranty:           Only on labor and parts used on original compressor – 90 days.

Billing:               The charge is consisting of 2 components. Flat fee for bringing compressor twice to the customer’s shop, loaning of a compressor

                            Flexible fee for the time and material the actual repair required.

Advantage :       Your down time is minimum. At the end you still have your original compressor.

Disadvantage:    Replacement of compressor is done twice.


With this program our serviceman brings a reconditioned/rebuilt compressor to the customer’s shop.

 There is a 120 day warranty for the rebuilt compressor. Our serviceman removes the defective compressor,

 installs the “exchange compressor” and takes the defective compressor to UGS workshop.

 Customer keeps the rebuilt compressor. UGS keeps customer’s defective compressor.

Warranty:        180 days on a rebuilt compressor

Billing :             One flat fee.

Advantage :        It is the fastest repair , requires minimum down time

Disadvantage:      almost none other than the customer receives a rebuilt “compressor” instead of his own original.

 (Since for the last 15 years the Becker pumps were used on Adast machines only, we are always staying with this brand.)


If the customer is ready to purchase a new compressor we offer a trade in of his old or defective compressor.

Customer orders new compressor from UGS. Once the compressor arrives and is ready to be installed

UGS shall advise the customer about it. UGS then delivers and installs the new one and trades old one back.

Warranty:          One year.

Billing:               New compressor delivered installed price is billed. Trade in for the old one is deducted.

                          Trade might be refused if in serviceman’s evaluation it is deemed non repairable.

Advantage:        You have a brand new compressor and still get a discount for old one.

Disadvantage:    Cost.



  1. REGULAR REPAIR -Per prevailing service rates and charges regular svc report


a/ LOANER Price consisting of 2 components Fixed   $950. -  (covering both compressor field exchanges)

and Additional charge for specific repair and material used to repair original compressor in UGS shop.

b/ TRUE EXCHANGE                                          $1,975.- flat fee


   3.  New Compressor delivered installed :                         $3,950.-

                With trade in                     -$750                     $3,200.-