-  Big Productivity and Profit Gains With Ryobis New 8-Up, 8-Color Perfector Press
            -    New Energy- and Cost-Saving LED-UV Curing Technology          
             -    New Casting/Foiling Equipment For Retail Package Printing, Security Printing and More
HOUSTON RYOBI  is showcasing three state-of-the-art sheetfed printing presses along with the newest advances in LED-UV curing and specialty casting and foiling at the global print expo drupa 2012 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Ferrostaal sales representatives and local dealers across North America are now discussing Ryobi™ newest offerings with commercial printers, in-plant printers and specialty printers. Ryobi presses and technologies are sought by top printers worldwide for their quality and reliability at low total operating cost.

Ryobi and Ferrostaal officials will spotlight the following at drupa, May 3-16:
RYOBI 928P: The latest addition to the 8-up RYOBI 920 series features an 8-color offset perfector press delivering up to 16,000 sheets per hour. The 928P will be demonstrated with an instant LED-UV curing system that significantly cuts energy consumption and power costs.
RYOBI 755G: This fully loaded, 6-up, 5-color high-speed offset press with coating unit and LED-UV curing unit delivers up to 16,000 sph on a wide range of substrates. Ryobi will demonstrate chemical embossed printing with a LED-UV curing unit installed in the delivery unit and a pre-curing LED-UV unit between the print units. Printing on 3D plastic HALS® honeycomb micro allay lens sheets from Grapac Japan Co. will be shown. Ryobi also offers a new 10-color press in the 750 series.
RYOBI UV Casting and Foiling System: A new system was developed for the 42-inch RYOBI 1050 series to handle holograms/special effects, foiling and chemical embossed printing. Ryobi will demonstrate security printing through anti-forgery holograms including hidden and micro text as well as 3-D hologram patterns. The RYOBI 1050 targets package printers.
RYOBI 525GX: This 2-up, 5-color press with coating and IR-curing units will be demonstrated. This press, which runs at up to 15,000 sph, provides small and medium-size printers with cost-efficient, state-of-the-art offset print.
 Press Release              March 27, 2012         
                                  Miyakoshi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.     Ryobi Limited


Development of a Next Generation B2-Size


Liquid Toner Type Digital Printing Press



Miyakoshi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. (Iwao Miyakoshi, president and CEO) and Ryobi Limited (Akira Urakami, president and CEO) have jointly developed a B2-size liquid toner type digital printing press. The new press will be exhibited as a pre-market model at the Miyakoshi booth (Hall 9, Stand A04) at drupa 2012, the world™s largest international print industry trade fair, to be held in Dusseldorf, Germany from May 3rd to 16th, 2012. It is the world™s first sheet-fed digital press in its class capable of B2-size printing at a high speed of 8,000 sheets per hour.


Digital printing technology has been attracting wide interest for its ability to handle small-lot variable data printing with short lead times, and a variety of digital presses are already on the market. But traditional offset printing technology still offers many advantages over digital printing, including higher printing quality, lower running costs, faster printing speeds, and the ability to handle large-lot jobs. This has led to strong demand for a new type of press that combines the strengths of both technologies. Responding to that need, Miyakoshi and Ryobi jointly developed a new type of press that enables high-speed printing on media as large as B2 size with quality comparable to that of an offset press. The new press combines the 1,200 dpi high resolution and ultrafine particle liquid toner electrophotographic technology Miyakoshi demonstrated on a Web press at drupa 2008 with the high-speed sheet feed technology Ryobi has perfected for its sheet-fed offset presses.


Through offset transfer of ultrafine particle liquid toner from a photosensitive drum to the media, this new digital press is able to offer high printing quality comparable to offset printing. Although recent advances have been made in commercial inkjet printing quality, this high level of quality is not yet achieved with an inkjet system.



In addition to small-lot printing applications such as catalogs, posters and packages, this new B2-size liquid toner type digital printing press is also ideal for high-quality, large-size variable printing. Based on the response it receives at drupa 2012, preparations will move toward its market release.




Specifications of the pre-market model to be exhibited at drupa.



Printing method


Fixing method

Infrared dryer fuser roll system

Max. printing speed

8,000 sheets per hour


 1,200 dpi

Toner formulation

Ultrafine particle liquid toner

Toner supply device

Independent toner supply device


with automatic toner density adjustment



Paper weight

64 - 360g/m2


[max. paper thickness = 0.4 mm (0.016in)]

Feeder pile capacity

800 mm (31.50in)

Delivery pile capacity

900 mm (35.43in)

Max. paper size

788 mm 600 mm (31.02 x 23.62in)

Min. paper size

410 mm 290 mm (16.14 x 11.42in)

Max. printing area

765 m 580 mm (30.11 x 22.83Ă˘â‚¬Â)



Monday, January 30, 2012 at7 a.m. EST



Dealers are top providers across Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast; expert in all aspects of printing and print production

HOUSTONĂ˘â‚¬â€Ferrostaal Equipment Solutions North America, a new and fast-growing printing equipment supplier, today announced its lineup of exclusive sales and service dealers serving the Eastern United States.

The printing equipment dealers are responsible for sales, quick-dispatch technical service, parts and all customer support in their regions on behalf of Ferrostaal and Ryobi. The dealers are expert in offset and digital printingĂ˘â‚¬â€and provide a full range of pre-press, press, bindery, finishing and mailing hardware, software and supplies. Customers include commercial printers, in-plant printers and marketing services companies.

Ferrostaal executives said the new dealers are established leaders for printing equipment sales and service in their territories, and rank among top peers in North America and worldwide. Each has decades of success helping customers improve and grow their businesses with highly automated, state-of-the-art print production and distribution technologies.

The new dealers and their customers are supported by Ferrostaal and Ryobi teams in the U.S., Canada, Japan and across the world. The newly named dealers are:

A.L. Larsen Co., Inc., Wilmington, MA

A.L. Larsen Co. represents Ferrostaal and Ryobi in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. The company has been in business since 1919. President is Richard Larsen. Contact is 978-642-2000, sales@allarsen.com or visit www.allarsen.com.

American Reprographics, Nashville

American Reprographics represents Ferrostaal and Ryobi in Tennessee. The company has been a graphics equipment dealer in Tennessee for 34 years, much of it selling and servicing Ryobi presses. President is Larry Vastano. For information, contact 615-244-1293 or email americanrepro213@bellsouth.net.

Atlantic Graphic Systems, Inc., Columbia, MD

Atlantic Graphic Systems represents Ferrostaal and Ryobi in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C. and metropolitan Philadelphia. The company has sold and serviced printing

equipment since 1976. It is owned by Wayne and Jeff Tomlinson. For more information, contact 410-290-8200, email jtomlinson@agspress.com or visit www.agspress.com.

G.E. Richards Graphic Supplies, Inc., Landisville, PA

G.E. Richards represents Ferrostaal and Ryobi in Pennsylvania (except metro Philadelphia) and West Virginia. The company has been a Ryobi dealer for more than 30 years, was founded in 1972, and has 10 U.S. locations. G.E. Richards is owned by Larry Wagner. For more information, contact Jim Lundy at 717-898-3151, email jlundy@gerichards.com or visit www.gerichards.com.

Graphic Associates, Inc., Cleveland, OH

Graphic Associates represents Ferrostaal and Ryobi in Ohio and Lower Michigan. The company was founded in 1968. Sales contacts are Rick Patterson and Greg Patterson in Cleveland and Greg Cozart in Cincinnati. For more information, call 800-678-1787, email rick@graphicassociates.com or visit www.graphicassociates.com.

Independent Graphic Service, Montgomery, AL

Independent Graphic Service represents Ferrostaal and Ryobi in Alabama, Mississippi and western Florida. The company has been a Ryobi sales and service dealer since 1998, and has more than 75 years of experience serving printers. President is Dennis Spaeth. For more information, contact 334-396-4156, email dls@independentgraphicservice.com or visit www.independentgraphicservice.com.

Paper Handling Solutions, Inc., Marietta, GA

Paper Handling Solutions, Inc., represents Ferrostaal and Ryobi in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. PHS provides sales and technical support from locations in Marietta, Charlotte and Columbia, and has served the region since 1992. Sales manager is Don Barbour. For information, contact 770-955-3770, email dbarbour@paperhandlingsolutions.com or visit www.paperhandlingsolutions.com.

United Graphic Systems, Inc., Englewood, NJ

United Graphic Systems, Inc., represents metro New York City, southern New York State and the states of New Jersey and Connecticut from its facility immediately adjacent to Manhattan. UGS is owned by Ivo Heller and Rob Friedman. For more information, contact 201-871-0170, sales@unitedgraphicsystems.com or visit www.unitedgraphicsystems.com.

Other regions served directly by Ferrostaal

Ferrostaal currently handles sales, technical service and parts for Ryobi in upstate New York, Kentucky, all of Florida except western Florida, and Puerto Rico.

About Ferrostaal Equipment Solutions North America

Ferrostaal helps commercial and in-plant printers in the U.S. and Canada make their businesses stronger, more innovative and more sustainable. The company provides printers of all sizes with equipment, custom financing, quick-dispatch service and overnight parts availability through a large network of local and regional graphics equipment dealers.

Ferrostaal tailors its offer to each printer™s specific business needs. With more than a half-century of experience working with printers worldwide, Ferrostaal is independent, entrepreneurial and expert in the business of print, publishing and packaging. Ferrostaal markets and distributes the RYOBI 1050, 920, 750/780, 520, 3304 and 3302 series presses. Technical service and parts are available for these presses as well as legacy Ryobi presses.

For more information, visit ferrostaal.us, email: usasales@ferrostaal.com, or call 281-741-6700.

About Ryobi

Ryobi Ltd., Tokyo, is a diversified manufacturer and leading OEM with operations on three continents and sales in more than 170 countries. Ryobi is a major supplier of precision die- casting products for the world™s top automakers. It is also a leading manufacturer and innovator serving the printing, telecommunications, electronics and construction industries.

Ryobi is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of advanced sheetfed offset printing presses, hardware, software and related peripherals. Its high-speed, fully automated, 2- to 8-up multicolor presses are respected for their unsurpassed print quality, low total cost of ownership, operating ease and efficiency, environmental responsibility and high reliability. ###

Contact: Erik Godchaux, Media Strategy Group, 608-256-4540




United Graphic Systems can be reached by phone at (201) 871-0170, on the web at

 www.unitedgraphicsystems.com, or via email: sales@unitedgraphicsystems.com.