Python CTP 

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Proposal General

Python, designed for the 2-up and 4-up market is a manual load and unload CtP device. The plate is mounted on a flat table, correctly positioned in the 3-pin touch sensitive register system. The plate is clamped automatically and transferred to the high precision, internal drum. Here it is exposed using Python's advanced optical laser system. The plate is retained in the clamp in perfect register while it is imaged at a resolution of 2540 dpi, at 6 mm per second. A B2 plate takes two minutes to image.

The Python system includes a high-spec workstation running a Torrent Level 3 RIP, with a full complement of software applications that enables you to rapidly process and output your jobs to the Python.

The benefits of using Python in your workflow are compelling. Its quality and speed of output let you produce plates to meet the ever increasing demands of today's print shop. Python's modular design and remote diagnostics ensure an extremely high level of reliability, with minimum downtime, to put you ahead of your competition, and to help meet your customers' high expectations.