Weihai Presses
14.3" x 19.6"
2 color
Small Format Sheetfed Presses

14.3" x 19.6"
4 color
Small Format Sheetfed Presses

About Weihai:

Weihai Printing Machinery Co., LTD, founded in 1954, was the first major enterprise and the first major high technology company established under the Torch Plan of China within the Printing Machinery Sector. Under the Torch Plan, Weihai was granted the right of open importation and exportation. This enabled Weihai to globally source specific components that go into the manufacturing of the WIN Series of Machines, i.e. the Omron Programmable Logic Controller from Japan.

Since 1993, Weihai has enjoyed the position of being the Number One Press Manufacturer in China. Their current annual output is in excess of 1500 machines. Also, in 1993 Weihai was selected to be a member top 500 Biggest Machinery Industries in China. This steadfast commitment to the advancement of the company and the continuing development of product line earned Weihai its ISO 9001:94 Certification as of 2000. Also, CE approval will be obtained in 2004.

There are 7 basic series of press models offering 30 different specifications. Landscape, horizontal feed, models include the WIN 502 - 2 color offset press, the WIN 504 - 4 color offset press, WIN 155 - 2 color offset continuous stationary press and the WIN 500 - one color offset press. Models WIN 155 and WIN 500 are also available with integrated numbering units.

Achieving levels of internationally accepted advanced technology; the Weihai WIN Series of offset presses was honored with the title of ìShandong Famous Productî. The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Association Technology and Quality specifically lists Weihaiís WIN Series as one of The Recommended Products of China upon Entering into the WTO.