DIPS - Digital Ink Preset System


The growing use of digital files in the prepress area has lead to its use elsewhere in the printing process. The Digital Ink Preset System (DIPS) represents an extraordinary advancement in an area of great potential savings - press makeready. The DIPS provides a convenient means of rapidly setting ink fountains. The standard that Printflow has chosen for digital preset interfaces is a print production format (PPF) called CIP 3. Various TIFF formats can be used as well. Acting as a translator between a work-station and the printing machine, the DIPS converts pre-press data into the pro-per digital format, converts them into the ink keys presetting information and passes them to the press remote control. This information enables the precise ink fountain pre-setting of a press. The result is less waste and a faster makeready.

Description of DIPS
Printflow’s Digital Ink Preset System consists of the CIP3 PPF/TIFF file reader - the InkZone software, and the DIPS Center.

CIP 3 PPF file reader
The CIP3 PPF/TIFF file reader digitally scans the CIP3 or TIFF files to obtain image coverage data. The data is then passed to the DIPS Center for further processing.

DIPS Center
The DIPS Center stores and processes image coverage data from a prepress area. By acting as a storage device, it allows jobs to be stored, used, recalled and moved at will. When the job is to be printed the image coverage data is converted to key preset values and is transferred to the press console to preset the fountains. The DIPS Center is very flexible and can support several press lines by using multiple press interfaces. The key zone information as well as the printing characteristics is calculated and stored for the press selected by an operator. Once a job has been run, it may be rerun on a different press if that is required by workflow considerations.