Printflow DC


Closed Loop Density Control


In today�s competitive printing industry, increasing pressure to adopt reliable process control means objective color measurement.

With auto scanning densitometers colorbars are quickly measured to provide meaningful press control information.��

Printflow DC system processes thisinformation, calculates the necessary press ink fountains adjustments and

sends the calculated values to the press remote ink fountains control system.

The press console then automatically adjusts ink fountain keys so that the required densitometric values would be maintained. This process is called

the closed-loop densitometric control.

Printflow DC employs both the benfits of CIP3 compatibility (Digital Ink Preset System) and advanced closed-loop color management to ensure accurate and consistent color . Presses achieve color more quickly and hold color throughout the run.


Printflow DC features:

     compatible with both the world's leading scanning densitometersand various press consoles

     enables presetting of ink fountains from prepress (CIP3) files and advanced closed-loop color management

     retrofittable to both the new and the used press


Printflow DC benefits:

     brings new increased quality to printers

     helps reducing costs and increasing productivity

     fast return on investment



Printflow DC consists of:


Printflow DC Ink Preset Software

 This software accepts image area coverage information generated by DIPS Converter software. This informationis processed by Printflow DC for the automatic CIP3 preset of press ink fountains keys by a press console. This permits shorter set-up times, less material consumption as well as less wear and tear of a press.


Printflow DC Color Control Software

 Printflow DC gives press operators quality control feedback. Printflow DC Color Control Software processes the solid densities measured by a scanning densitometer. The software compares the actual solid densities with the target ones. If the density is found outside the set limit Printflow DC calculates the appropriate ink feed ratio and gives this information to the press console. The press console automatically adjusts the ink fountains keys in order to hold color for an entire press run. This enables prints to match client�s OK or reference sheet.


Printflow DC Press Connection


Printflow DC Press Connection secures the communication with printing machines consoles.

There are different press connection solutions for different printing machines consoles.

One solution enables both the Prepress-to-Press as well as the Scanning Densitometer-to-Press Connectivity.


Printflow DC Computer


The system is operated from the touch panel or the keyboard of a personal computer.